isis tank syria
The Islamist terrorist group, which has taken control of the huge portions of Iraq and Syria, was called the richest in the world by Foreign Policy.
There are four big revenue streams for ISIS, listed by Zeit:
  • Selling black market oil: ISIS makes a lot of money from selling oil on the black market: estimates have ranged from $270,000 (£172,450) to $3 million (£1.92 million) per day. There's a huge variation because experts can't be sure what the oil is sold for or how much ISIS can now produce after recent air strikes.

  • Hostage-taking: ISIS has made at least $25 million (£15.97 million) from hostage ransoms this year. The true figure is likely much higher. 
  • Rent: ISIS took control of buildings formerly owned by the cities they conquer, and Zeit says they could be bringing in about $3 million each month. 
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